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Your Security, Our Priority.

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Send your details to us and we will call you back to take further information about your matter.

If you are looking for help with cohabitation agreements our specialist solicitors can help you. In addition to office meetings, we offer remote meetings by telephone or video if preferred. To discuss your options call us 24/7 on 0208 004 0065 or email us at 

Cohabitation Agreements

A cohabitation agreement is a practical solution for couples who live together but are not married or in a civil partnership. It outlines how property, assets, and responsibilities for bills will be divided in the event of a separation. While not inherently legally binding, a well-drafted cohabitation agreement, executed with the help of experienced solicitors, can hold considerable weight in court, offering a clear directive on the division of shared assets and responsibilities. 

Southgate solicitors specialises in drafting comprehensive cohabitation agreements tailored to the unique needs of each couple. We understand the importance of protecting your interests and ensuring a fair division of assets, and we’re here to guide you through every step of the process. 

The Benefits of a Cohabitation Agreement 

Clarity and Fairness: Establishes clear expectations and agreements on asset division and responsibilities, reducing the risk of disputes. 

Protection of Interests: Helps ensure both parties can protect and claim their rightful share of assets and investments. 

Cost and Time Efficiency: Averts the need for lengthy and costly legal disputes by providing a predetermined resolution framework. 

Peace of Mind: Offers peace of mind to cohabiting couples, knowing their interests are protected should the relationship end. 

What we can do

At southgate solicitors, we offer comprehensive assistance tailored to your needs throughout your cohabitation agreement journey. Our team of experienced professionals understand the intricacies of family law and are dedicated to providing you with the expertise and support you need during what can be a daunting and highly emotional time.  We have Resolution members and also hold Law Society Family Law Advanced Panel Accreditation which demonstrates our knowledge, skill and expertise in this area of law. 

If you wish to read more about this area of law we have some frequently asked questions at the end of this page – feel free to scroll down to read more.

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While cohabitation agreements are not inherently legally binding, a properly crafted and executed agreement can be highly persuasive in court, significantly influencing decisions on asset division. 

A cohabitation agreement provides clarity and security for unmarried couples living together, detailing how assets, property, and financial responsibilities will be handled in the event of a separation. 

A comprehensive cohabitation agreement should cover the division of property and assets, allocation of debts, responsibilities for household bills, and arrangements for children, if applicable. 

 Our expert solicitors will provide you with personalised advice and assistance in drafting a cohabitation agreement that reflects your circumstances, ensuring your assets and future are protected. 

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