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About Rajan

Rajan specialises in all areas of divorce and family law and focuses primarily on family law matters involving children.

Rajan graduated with a law degree in 2008, a Masters in international law 2009 and subsequently trained and qualified as a solicitor in 2015 with a London Legal 500 firm.

Rajan has over five years of experience in family law and understands that disputes regarding children and finances, whether following the breakup of a relationship or during a relationship, can be extremely difficult and draining and always provides his client with sensible, practical advice to achieve long-term stability in line with the client’s objectives. Where agreement cannot be reached and it is necessary to attend court, Rajan ensures that he is advised and represents his clients every step of the way and provides advocacy at court to ensure their views are properly put forward.

Rajan accepts that issues can arise at any time and not strictly on a 9-5 basis and is available as and when needed.

He has achieved successful outcomes in highly contentious and difficult cases and will bring that determination and insight to all his cases.

Rajan is a keen reader and although favours fantasy and sci-fi literature, he has read a wide variety of genres and authors from the ‘classics’ to the not so classic. He is also an avid gamer and in the past has invested considerable time in his machines. When not reading or gaming Rajan spends time with family and friends, going on bike rides and attempting to go to the gym. He is also an enthusiastic, if somewhat uncoordinated, dancer.

Rajan Thandi family law solicitor - southgate solicitors

Rajan Thandi LL.B (Hons) LL.M

Accredited Family Solicitor

Advocacy | Annulment | Care Proceedings | Change of Name | Child Arrangement Orders | Child Protection | Children Law | Civil Dissolution | Court Representation | Divorce | Domestic Abuse | Emergency Protection Orders | FGM Protection Orders | Forced Marriage Protection Orders | Judicial Separation | Local Authority | Non-Molestation Orders & Occupation Orders | Prohibited Steps Orders | Radicalisation | Special Guardianship Orders | Social Services Involvement | Specific Issue Orders | Supervision Orders

Local Authority

  • Represented a Father in care proceedings in a matter involving allegations of neglect; parental conflict; lack of engagement with professionals and drug use. Initially only 1 of the Father’s 3 children were placed in his care. Partway through proceedings the older 2 children were placed in his care as concerns regarding his parenting were minimal. The matter ended with a Child Arrangements Order made in favour of the Father and a Supervision Order.

  • Successfully represented a mother during care proceedings for her second child in circumstances where there was less than a year since the removal and adoption of her first child. The mother was able to demonstrate sufficient change to allow the child to remain with her in a mother and baby foster placement. Following those proceedings the Local Authority sought removal of the child later in the year alleging mother had not sustained the changes she was required to make. Argued successfully to have the case dismissed and to allow her to keep care of her child and for steps to be taken for her to move into the community.

  • Represented a Mother in care proceedings in respect of her two children in a matter involving mental health issues; alleged drug abuse and historic domestic abuse. The older child was initially removed at the outset of proceedings under an Interim Care Order and placed with foster carer’s while the younger child remained in the parent’s care. The matter was successfully ended with reunification of the older child with the family and a Supervision Order.

  • Represented a Father in the family’s second set of care proceedings in a matter concerning ongoing parental acrimony; ongoing drug use; allegations of domestic abuse and lack of emotional attunement towards the child in circumstances where the Father’s contact was constantly at risk of disruption. The matter was successfully ended with a Supervision Order and a shared lives with order between the parent’s including substantial overnight contact to the Father.

Private Law Children

  • Represented the Mother in proceedings during which the Father would raise ongoing allegations of harm by the Mother against the child and sought to have the child removed from her care and placed in his care with limited contact. Successfully disputed the allegations and obtained a sole lives with order in favour of the Mother.

  • Represented a client in extremely acrimonious proceedings where the father would accuse mother of abducting the child; making false allegations and where he refused to provide consent . Finding of fact made against the father in respect of domestic abuse and the court ordered that permission be given to the client to visit her family abroad for 6 weeks. The child remained living with the client and no contact ordered due to risks.

  • Represented the Respondent Mother in an ongoing private law matter, having taken the matter on after the first hearing having concluded. Successfully persuaded the court that the behaviour of the Applicant alongside third party evidence of the same constituted domestic abuse. Obtained an injunction during the course of the proceedings and ultimately obtained a pre-emptive s91(14) order on behalf of the Mother.

  • Successfully represented the Respondent in contested private children proceedings from the initial FHDRA to successful settlement at a DRA. The case involved allegations of domestic abuse which on initial consideration were deemed insufficient to justify further involvement from Cafcass. Successfully argued that the issues were significant and that given the history between the parties and concerns as to the Applicant’s mental health and therefore that any contact should be supervised in a contact centre so as to allow a s7 report to be prepared. Upon receipt of the s7 report which recommended a ‘lives with’ order to the Respondent, was able to negotiate a settlement at the DRA stage without the need for a Final Hearing.

  • Represented the Mother in a lengthy dispute involving allegations against her and her new partner of harming her 4 children. The Father took the children into his care and refused to return them due to concerns of harm. Following lengthy and acrimonious proceedings, successfully had all 4 children returned to the care of the Mother and a finding of domestic abuse made against the Father.

  • Represented the Applicant after the issuing of proceedings for urgent orders in light of ongoing difficulties between the parties and significant concerns as to the emotional wellbeing of the children in light of self-harm behaviours and increasingly anxious behaviour. Prepared a detailed statement setting out the concerns of both the Applicant and in relation to the children and making clear the need for a consistent, stable routine for contact arrangements and that issues needed to be dealt with mutually between the parties. Following receipt of a positive s7 report, was able to assist in successfully negotiating a settlement between the parties at a DRA. There was significant back and forth negotiations which meant that initially there appeared no scope for agreement and that a Final Hearing would be necessary. Careful analysis of the s7 recommendations and creative considerations for contact arrangements meant a final agreement could be agreed leading to a significant saving in time and costs.

International Children

  • Represented the Mother in international child abduction proceedings in which the Mother was alleged to have wrongfully removed the child, contrary to an existing court order, to a foreign jurisdiction. The Mother disputed this and raised significant concerns of abuse. A complicating factor was that the Father had removed the child from the Mother from the foreign jurisdiction and taken the child to yet another jurisdiction. The matter was heard over several days in the High Court and the child was eventually returned home for substantive welfare hearings.

  • Rajan Thandi was exceptionally attentive and professional and throughout my difficult custody case kept me informed of any and every update that came in. I highly recommend him to anyone. Ms M, South East London
  • I am very happy to have chosen Southgate Solicitors to take my case and I am very happy that Rajan has been the one who with patience and professionalism has been able to guide me this difficult, for me, situation. I will not hesitate in the future to contact them again if necessary. It has been a pleasure to meet them. Mrs P, East London

  • Rajan supported me and my family and he kept me updated and represented in a professional way. I’m happy that I met him and his service. I recommend his professional to anyone. He will go all the way to help you out. Mr E, London

  • Excellent care of the case. Honest and clear in expectations and advise. Mr T, London

  • I found Southgate Solicitors to be a very professional, friendly and client-focused law firm. From the initial meeting and advice I received, to the detailed advice and assistance I received to navigate some tricky issues with my divorce and child visitation issues, I was provided with the support and information I needed to make key decisions to obtain my divorce and safeguard my children. I would highly recommend the services of Southgate Solicitors. Mrs A M, West London

  • Rajan supported us through a very difficult custody battle and we got the outcome we dreamed of he always kept us updated and represented us in an excellent way so grateful for his service and will definitely use him again if needed. Ms P, South London

  • Great solicitors, Rajan was extremely helpful and so knowledgeable. I could not fault them in any way and would recommend them over and over again. I felt that my case was in safe hands having there support removed the worries I had. Thanks! Ms C S, Hertfordshire

  • I can’t thank Rajan Thandi enough for all his support during my child arrangement order. He is professional, kind and listened to all my concerns and worries. I would not hesitate to recommend Rajan. Thank you for everything. Miss H, Bristol

  • Rajan is the ultimate professional and exceptionally thorough with any answers. His no nonsense approach is satisfying when this is the type of solicitor one would like to represent their cases. I look forward to any further opportunities that give need to acquire his services. I left the interview feeling most satisfied and that I had accomplished my objective with his sound and thorough advice. Mr N, North East London

  • Rajan is an enthusiastic lawyer, who is always a pleasure to work with due to his professional and diligent attitude towards his work and clients. Local Authority Lawyer

  • I have known and worked with Mr Rajan Thandi (referred to as Mr T amongst colleagues). Although we specialise in different areas of law, I have found from experience that he is extremely knowledgeable in the field of family law, as well as public and private children matters. I have sought advice from Mr T on more than one occasion has provided me with much welcome advice in circumstances where our respective legal disciplines have crossed. Rajan is extremely passionate about his work and is a true fighter in every sense of the word when representing his clients to ensure that they obtain the best outcome. His passion for his work is matched by his specialist knowledge within the field of family law. He is approachable, friendly and more than able to relate to his clients easily. In addition, he is empathetic to the needs of his clients, who often seek assistance whilst struggling with very difficult emotional issues. Rajan has achieved excellent results for his clients as a result of his work. He is a tenacious court advocate and a first-class lawyer. Patricia Michael-Forrester, Solicitor at Clapham Solicitors

  • Rajan is an excellent solicitor with a sophisticated grasp of the law and the nuances of family law. In his approach, he is extremely thorough and meticulous and leaves few stones unturned. His client care skills are second to none and he is able to put clients at ease very quickly. While understanding their particular positions he has an uncanny ability to be able to assist clients in seeing the bigger picture and in making informed decisions about their cases. Rajan has extensive experience of working with clients with multiple vulnerabilities and is valued by his clients in being able to understand their vulnerabilities and to advise them in an appropriate and sensitive manner. I have found Rajan to be extremely pleasant to work with and have always enjoyed working with him. Saiqa Aslam, Barrister at Number 8 Chambers

  • Rajan Thandi is a pleasure to work with. The thoroughness of his preparation recently made the difference in a case where our client succeed against strong odds. Delphine Breese-Laughran, Barrister at One Pump Court

  • I had the pleasure of working with Rajan for 3 years. He is a reliable and hard-working solicitor with excellent client care skills. Whilst completing my training seat in family law, I found him to be approachable and very supportive as well as having a thorough grounding and understanding both of the law and the practical issues relevant which can arise in family cases. He will always do whatever he can to progress the case and further his client’s objectives in a sensitive and diligent manner. Sepideh Ghaffari, Solicitor

  • Rajan is very thorough in the preparation of his cases, he engages well with clients and inspires their confidence. He acts promptly on instructions, is unfazed by any complexity that arises in a given case and has a sound knowledge of Family Law. He is courteous and prompt in all his communications. Instructions to counsel are always well prepared, analytical and provided in good time before a hearing, invariably, with a successful outcome. Abida Huda, Barrister at One Pump Court

  • Rajan is very meticulous and thorough when handling his cases and provides excellent client care to each of his clients. He is knowledgeable in the areas of family law and Mental Health law and has particularly assisted me in preparing submissions for hearings. Mark Kaliisa, Trainee Solicitor

  • Very efficient service especially in our case. Very thorough and excellent. Would highly recommend to anyone and will use again if needed. Ms S, London

  • Mr Thandi is an excellent lawyer. Very knowledgable about family law and the court process, his advice and guidance was invaluable. Reasonable fees and I was aware what I was spending all the way through. Highly Recommended. Miss P, South London

  • Rajan supported me and my family. He kept me updated and represented in a professional way. I’m happy that I met him and his used his service. I recommend him to anyone. He will go all the way to help you. Mr E, London

  • Rajan Thandi was exceptionally attentive and professional throughout my difficult custody case. He kept me informed of any and every update that came in. I highly recommend him to anyone. Ms S M, London

  • Rajan Thandi has been a strong solicitor, firm and very reliable in my family matter and DV case. Rajan is flexible, professional and highly organised and prompt in returning calls, keeping me updated on my case and even genuinely concerned in the well-being of my children’s safety and working towards a healthy outcome for them. Would highly recommend his services. Superb at his job and the handling of perpetrators. Ms J W, South London

  • Rajan is a very diligent and hard working solicitor with a sound knowledge of all areas of family law and I had the pleasure of working with him for a number of years where I watched him progress from a trainee to a qualified solicitor. He is extremely competent and puts client care at the forefront of his mind when dealing with cases. I have no hesitation in recommending him as a family law solicitor. Alpa Ghelani, Solicitor at TV Edwards

  • I would like to say THANK YOU SO MUCH Southgate Soilcitors, Mr Hasan Hadi and Mr Rajan Thandi. Thank you for your guidance and support, for your patience and understanding, for your kindness and great work. Both of you helped me so much in this hard time, you handled the case so professionally. I highly recommend you, you can make people feel safe and secure, and with your great work everything will be fine at the end. Good luck and wish you all the best. Ms D, Southgate

  • I would highly recommend Southgate Solicitors to anyone who is looking for a solicitor to represent them in respect of family law. I met with Rajan Thandi for some advice on my children arrangement order and found him extremely knowledgeable, very understanding, easy to communicate with and above all he gave me a very clear and frank picture of everything. After my meeting with him, I knew exactly where I was standing and able to make appropriate decisions. Miss W

  • Rajan Thandi has been a strong Solicitor, firm and very reliable in my family matter and DV case. Rajan is flexible, professional and highly organised and prompt in returning calls, keeping me updated on my case and even genuinely concerned in the well-being of my children’s safety and working towards a healthy outcome for them. Would highly recommend his services. Superb at his job and the handling of perpetrators. Ms J W, Croydon

  • I feel warm. Rajan Thandi, You have Very efficient, intelligent and qualified knowledge for family matter. I really appreciate your perfect handwork. Thanks a million. Will 100% recommend your firm anytime any day. Ms I, London

  • About 6 months ago I was in desperate need for a solictor to represent me. The law firm that typically represented the women in my circumstance proferred that “no law firm (in the UK) would be able to get me legal aid.” So I approached Southgate Solicitors as that was the first one that came up from the list. I was running out of time as the first court hearing was literally weeks away. Rajan Thandi, my solictor, called me in 3 weeks to tell me that I was granted legal aid. So technically, Southgate solicitors can be rendered as the BEST law firm (in the UK). Also, my barrister, Delphine Breese-Laughran, was equally as supportive and meticulous. I highly recommend Southgate Solicitors to anyone who is looking for conscientious representation. Ms Hussain, North London

  • Rajan had a first meeting faith me today and he was very empathetic to my issue with an ongoing child arrangements dispute . He listened well without being patronising (some solicitors are) he was professional and listened to what I had to say. Rajan has laid out for me several paths on how I go forward with his support and given me many options with cost clearly shown upfront. Rajan today was worth his weight in gold and I’m feeling a lot more relaxed tonight knowing I have legal help. And legal help who actually wants to help me. Thank you D, Hertfordshire

  • I am very grateful to you and to Mr Hadi for your patience, understanding, constant support and help you have given me, for the hard work and professionalism. I apologise for the inconvenience but really appreciate everything you have done for us. Mrs A D, Southgate

  • Thank you so much for your help/everything, you’ve lightened up my darkest days, really appreciate that. C Y, London

  • Southgate Solicitors are professional, respectful, responsive and understanding. Mr Rajan and his team of barristers knows what they’re doing, highly competent and caring too. They made my life easy and dealt with all unexpected circumstances professionally. I am totally and 100% satisfied with the services they rendered and they’re also compassionate. Thank you Southgate Solicitors, and thank you Mr Rajan and his team, I really appreciate you for reuniting me with my son. On my son’s behalf, he says big THANK YOU. Mr Q O, London

  • It’s a relief to see that this got wrapped up smoothly. And it wouldn’t have been possible without your assistance. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support and advice. Wishing you too, all the best, S H, London

  • I had Rajan from Southgate Solicitors on my case in a last minute appointment before the hearing last year. It was so frustrating going through the divorce where the other party’s solicitor behaved extremely difficult and nasty, I can’t imagine how things could be without Rajan. I would like to say big thank you to Rajan for helping me through the darkest time in my life, really appreciated everything from you! Mr Y, North London Excellent team! They are really friendly and helpful. Listening to the client and trying to find the best solution for it. I really recommend their service. K J, Central London

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