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Reviews: Real Voices, Real Success

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Reviews: Real Voices, Real Success

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Send your details to us and we will call you back to take further information about your matter.

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Hasan Hadi Founder & Managing Director   

Hasan Hadi – Founder & Managing Director

  • Hasan has expertly guided me through a very stressful divorce which has included complicated child and financial matters. All is now settled and I am eternally grateful to Hasan for the outcome. He is extremely dedicated, professional and knowledgeable. I trusted him from the start and this never swayed. He always responded promptly to questions I had and kept the essential communication going where necessary. I would highly recommend him to anyone going through a similar situation to me. He is exceptional. Mrs V, Essex

  • Hasan is very knowledgeable and helped me to understand the intricacies of the process and the options available to me at each stage. Mr G, North London – Management Consultant at Big 4 Accountancy Firm

  • I was represented in a very complicated financial settlement as we have properties abroad. Very happy with the outcome. I believe without representation the outcome would have been different. Mr K, North London – Banker

  • They understood my needs and advised accordingly. Any issues were clearly communicated to me and my concerns were dealt with professionally. Mr C, South London – Director of IT Firm

  • They gave me the confidence to pursue the matter to ensure I receive what I am entitled to. Mr K, Luton – Business Analyst

  • I’ve received a lot of ad hoc advice from Hasan over the years and would highly recommend him for his personable nature and knowledge. Mr A Gooding, VIP Chef

  • I would like to use take this opportunity to thank you for the advice and help you provided for me. I am really grateful for all that you did for me. Mr A – Accountant

  • I used Southgate Solicitors for my divorce and I couldn’t recommend them more! The whole process was dealt with very efficiently and smoothly whilst guiding me through the procedure with great advice, expertise and reassurance. Thank you Hasan! Ms G F, London

  • First of all I would like to say how thankful I am of all the help that you have given me regarding this matter, your wisdom and knowledge put me at ease at our first meeting, allowing me to leave your office knowing I had the right solicitor fighting my corner. Mr K, Greater London

  • Hasan did everything he could to bring the right and just outcome to a very messy divorce. He couldn’t have done a more better job. Thank you Hasan for believing me and fighting my corner. Mrs M, South East London

  • Hasan was helpful for the past 2 years of my divorce case, he rang and emailed me if he received any news from court. He explained matters to me well and I am so glad that he was my lawyer. Mrs A, West London

  • My stepdaughter is now in the United States with my husband and I. No more suffering for this 7 year old. Mr & Mrs L, New York, USA

  • It has been a great relief being represented by you. I am more than grateful for all your tenacity, advice and support in a caring, sensitive and ethical manner. Mrs R, East London

  • They always understood my needs and advised me with their knowledge and supported me to make the right decisions. I was offered compassion when I needed it most. Mrs O, North East London

  • I went to Hasan for legal advice after my husband left me suddenly, he gave his time generously in the introductory session and represented me well in getting us divorced. I felt he was reasonable and caring in his advice – respecting the fact that we sought to work things out together – rather than taking an adversarial approach – however when I was under pressure to make decisions that were not right for me – he helped me to stand firm. There was a sense that he was wanting the best for me. In fact we went to a cheaper – on line solicitor to get the financial consent order due to our financial situation. However I now think that this was the wrong decision and I would caution anyone who takes this line that there can be many hidden costs that are in the small print but can be overlooked in the initial comparisons. Hasan had in fact offered a reasonable package and I wish now that he had represented me throughout the whole process, rather than simply the divorce. Mrs P, Hertfordshire

  • I would like to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to Hasan. I’ll definitely recommend you to anyone, as you are very reliable, professional and well experienced. Thank you so much for your service and eminence support. Mr D H, North London

  • Excellent firm. Hasan is a professional and has a sound understanding of family law. I would recommend Southgate solicitors to anyone who requires family legal advice. Highly impressed with the friendly staff. Ms L

  • Hasan was an inspirational colleague! He was always very knowledgeable, worked efficiently, and offered great customer service to clients. I learned a lot from him and would highly recommend his services. Crystal Debrah, CEO

  • A law firm with a difference. Mr Hadi’s knowledge and expertise is unmatched to any other. He has a no-nonsense approach to all family law issues; providing prompt and accurate assistance whilst sensitively navigating clients through any difficulties faced be it in financial ancillary relief proceedings, child arrangements or divorce. I had quite complex proceedings and I am truly thankful to have received Southgate Solicitors’ highly competent assistance in all three matters. The firm is modern and forward thinking and there is a real dedication all round in ensuring the client is treated as an individual; the ease of how well communication is facilitated being an example of the same. Thank you so very much to Mr Hadi for all the support given to me throughout. I highly recommend Southgate Solicitors for the wonderful service they provide and how well they provide it. Ms H G, North West London

  • I really enjoy working with Hasan – he is pragmatic, collaborative and sensible in his approach, and very efficient. This means our working relationship is very smooth, we get more done together than we would individually, and there is no wasted time, meaning excellent value for clients. A talented lawyer and clearly going places, Hasan is someone I would actively recommend. Matthew Richardson, Barrister

  • Hasan is an exceptional family law solicitor. I have worked with him in some of the most complex children cases in the High Court including those with an international element. He is very dynamic, has excellent client care and uses his strong strategic mind to make a real difference in a finely balanced case. Cyrus Larizadeh QC, Barrister

  • I have had the pleasure of working with Hasan on many occasions over the last few years and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that he is a diligent and hardworking solicitor who is entirely focussed on his client’s interests, interests that he represents with passion and integrity. I look forward to continuing that work as Hasan embarks on a venture that I have no doubt will be a success. Charlie Peat, Barrister

  • I worked with Hasan for many years and have watched him become a very formidable and skilled lawyer. He remains however very personable and has great client care skills. I would not hesitate in recommending him. Alpa Ghelani, TV Edwards

  • Hasan Hadi is a highly enterprising and dynamic young solicitor. Over the last year we have worked together on several public law children cases. He has demonstrable experience of dealing successfully with the challenges and complexities of care proceedings; the international movement of children; and mental health and mental capacity issues. David Boyd, Barrister & Tribunal Judge

  • I have always found Mr Hadi to be conscientious, hard-working and reliable. Jason Green, Barrister

  • Hasan is a solicitor to be reckoned with – he has a friendly and personable approach to clients and opponents – but he is a formidable family lawyer and he and his team are a force to be reckoned with. Barbara Hecht, Principal Solicitor at Hecht Montgomery

  • I have worked with Hasan for over six years. He is a conscientious and committed solicitor with excellent attention to detail. Hasan works hard to ensure the best possible outcomes for his client. Hasan is knowledgeable and very personable. An excellent advocate. Naomi Ayodeji, Solicitor at Burke Niazi

  • Hasan is a fantastic family lawyer. He has a level-headed yet meticulous approach to cases. He goes the extra mile for his clients and gets results. Natasha Ord, Solicitor at Stowe Family Law

  • Having known and worked with Hasan since we were paralegals, I can attest to his commitment and passion for his work, and the professionalism he portrays in achieving the best outcome for his clients. Being a Resolution member, he is firm in his negotiations but maintains the sensitivity that is needed in this area of law. It is this balance that allows him to achieve the best results for his clients. Priya Baskaran, Solicitor at Atkins Hope

  • Mr Hadi is an excellent lawyer with a fine attention to detail and expert knowledge of his area of the law. As well as being a skilled negotiator he is approachable with a good client manner. Sadikur Rahman, Solicitor at Edwards Duthie

  • I have always found Hasan to be a dedicated solicitor. His caseload is very organised and he has been continuously successful in achieving costs orders in complex divorce and financial matters. Siraj Khan, Costs Lawyer & Partner

  • I have known and worked with Hasan for many years and would highly recommend him and his pragmatic approach to resolving family matters. Hasan is committed to resolving matters out of court where possible. He is also very good at bringing Family professionals together at networking events. Austin Chessell, Mediator and Solicitor

  • Hasan has a robust approach in every case. He provides clients with confidence and has had successes on a number of cases. He is also outstandingly helpful with colleagues and team members. Tazeen Butt, Solicitor at Shelter

  • Hasan has a very analytical and meticulous approach in his handling of finances and assets. I have always found him to be swift in spotting discrepancies and investigating them further. Zoya Sharif, Accountant

  • Hasan, I would like to say a huge thank you for all the help, support and guidance during my fathers divorce. In the outset we thought this would simply be a straight forward situation with a quick conclusion, however the other side seemed fairly adamant at drawing this out with a lot of nonsense and repetitive requests, thankfully your no nonsense approach and push back on many occasions have been greatly appreciated. These times can be hugely stressful for everyone concerned, however due to your knowledge and professionalism throughout the process my father felt safe and comfortable knowing he was in safe hands, whilst receiving the best legal advice possible. It;s easy finding a solicitor but finding a firm which has compassion for your situation is not so easy, I firmly believe we made the perfect choice as you have been there through every step of the way, providing the right guidance. A big thank you Hasan, Southgate Solicitor’s are highly recommended and have been extremely efficient in handling my fathers case. Mrs P, Kent

  • Hasan was such a great Solicitor, highly recommend him, he knows his stuff. Has helped me greatly. Mr Ali, North London

  • I was going through a very difficult and stressful situation but Southgate Solicitors were there to help me every step of the way. My solicitor Hasan was brilliant. No matter what problems arose Hasan and his team were able to assist and guide me through the process. I cannot thank Hasan and his team enough for their assistance and I highly recommend them. Mr K, London

  • Working with Southgate Solicitors has made my legal matter a lot smoother and far easier than I would’ve had to otherwise. The service I received has been of the upmost quality and also consistently prompt. I would totally recommend them! K C, Essex

Antony Wilkinson – Associate Solicitor

  • Antony is a diamond. As soon as I knew he was my solicitor I knew I was in good hands. Whenever I’ve called the office, all the employees been nice and polite. I felt confident and comfortable talking to all of Antony’s colleagues at Southgate Solicitors and I am very happy with the help I got. Mr S C, North West London
  • Excellent service. Very professional and good natured. Mr & Mrs L, North London

  • I would like to compliment this man on his very outstanding work. He is a true professional. Mr A, Enfield

  • I have known Antony for some time now and find him very reliable, which to me shows he is very dedicated to his work. A E, North London

  • There have been very challenging moments which Antony has handled with all his career expertise. He has many qualities and a great understanding of complex situations. Mr B, London

  • I can say in all fairness and wholeheartedly, his manners are second to none. He is extremely polite and very calm in tense situations. Mr S, Enfield

  • Antony is a very good hearted person as well as a really preferential solicitor, he has an high control and constraint of his knowledge. He guided to use something from the truth as a witness and evidence while I never thought I could use them. At the end he got the outcome which made me really pleased and surprised. The time of the hearing and any appointment were very much calming though I had stress before being there, the reason was only he was always with positive energy as he assured how everything is in his control. Ms Z

  • Antony is a true architect in his profession, that’s all I can say. Mr A.E, North London

  • Great Solicitor, passionate about getting the best for his clients achieving those great outcomes. Sadikur Rahman, Solicitor at Edwards Duthie

  • Antony is an excellent solicitor who always goes the extra mile for his clients. Mitali Zakaria, Partner and Head of Family at ITN Solicitors

  • I had a great and successful experience namely with Mr Wilkinson from the family department. He has fantastic professionalism and a great work ethic. Always quick to respond to emails and phone calls. All my questions were answered and the whole process was explained simply and in depth. Would highly recommend using this firm. 10/10 Ms O’Connor, London

  • Antony is very knowledgeable and passionate lawyer. He provides excellent legal advice to his clients in terms they can understand. Antony was senior to me and did not directly supervise me. Despite this he was always on hand to offer help and seemed to know how to handle any situation. I would highly recommend Antony for public and child law cases. Hannah Whitlock, Advertising Executive

  • I have worked with Antony on a number of cases over the years. These have included highly complex family matters. Antony is an excellent solicitor and works tirelessly for his clients. He is empathetic and it is clear that he is able to develop positive relationships with his clients who often are vulnerable or have complex needs. Antony is always a pleasure to work with and I would have no hesitation in recommending him! Somia Siddiq, Solicitor at ITN Solicitors

Rajan Thandi –  Accredited Solicitor 

  • Rajan Thandi was exceptionally attentive and professional and throughout my difficult custody case kept me informed of any and every update that came in. I highly recommend him to anyone. Ms M, South East London

  • I am very happy to have chosen Southgate Solicitors to take my case and I am very happy that Rajan has been the one who with patience and professionalism has been able to guide me this difficult, for me, situation. I will not hesitate in the future to contact them again if necessary. It has been a pleasure to meet them. Mrs P, East London

  • Rajan supported me and my family and he kept me updated and represented in a professional way. I’m happy that I met him and his service. I recommend his professional to anyone. He will go all the way to help you out. Mr E, London

  • Excellent care of the case. Honest and clear in expectations and advise. Mr T, London

  • I found Southgate Solicitors to be a very professional, friendly and client-focused law firm. From the initial meeting and advice I received, to the detailed advice and assistance I received to navigate some tricky issues with my divorce and child visitation issues, I was provided with the support and information I needed to make key decisions to obtain my divorce and safeguard my children. I would highly recommend the services of Southgate Solicitors. Mrs A M, West London

  • Rajan supported us through a very difficult custody battle and we got the outcome we dreamed of he always kept us updated and represented us in an excellent way so grateful for his service and will definitely use him again if needed. Ms P, South London

  • Great solicitors, Rajan was extremely helpful and so knowledgeable. I could not fault them in any way and would recommend them over and over again. I felt that my case was in safe hands having there support removed the worries I had. Thanks! Ms C S, Hertfordshire

  • I can’t thank Rajan Thandi enough for all his support during my child arrangement order. He is professional, kind and listened to all my concerns and worries. I would not hesitate to recommend Rajan. Thank you for everything. Miss H, Bristol

  • Rajan is the ultimate professional and exceptionally thorough with any answers. His no nonsense approach is satisfying when this is the type of solicitor one would like to represent their cases. I look forward to any further opportunities that give need to acquire his services. I left the interview feeling most satisfied and that I had accomplished my objective with his sound and thorough advice. Mr N, North East London

  • Rajan is an enthusiastic lawyer, who is always a pleasure to work with due to his professional and diligent attitude towards his work and clients. Local Authority Lawyer

  • I have known and worked with Mr Rajan Thandi (referred to as Mr T amongst colleagues). Although we specialise in different areas of law, I have found from experience that he is extremely knowledgeable in the field of family law, as well as public and private children matters. I have sought advice from Mr T on more than one occasion has provided me with much welcome advice in circumstances where our respective legal disciplines have crossed. Rajan is extremely passionate about his work and is a true fighter in every sense of the word when representing his clients to ensure that they obtain the best outcome. His passion for his work is matched by his specialist knowledge within the field of family law. He is approachable, friendly and more than able to relate to his clients easily. In addition, he is empathetic to the needs of his clients, who often seek assistance whilst struggling with very difficult emotional issues. Rajan has achieved excellent results for his clients as a result of his work. He is a tenacious court advocate and a first-class lawyer. Patricia Michael-Forrester, Solicitor at Clapham Solicitors

  • Rajan is an excellent solicitor with a sophisticated grasp of the law and the nuances of family law. In his approach, he is extremely thorough and meticulous and leaves few stones unturned. His client care skills are second to none and he is able to put clients at ease very quickly. While understanding their particular positions he has an uncanny ability to be able to assist clients in seeing the bigger picture and in making informed decisions about their cases. Rajan has extensive experience of working with clients with multiple vulnerabilities and is valued by his clients in being able to understand their vulnerabilities and to advise them in an appropriate and sensitive manner. I have found Rajan to be extremely pleasant to work with and have always enjoyed working with him. Saiqa Aslam, Barrister at Number 8 Chambers

  • Rajan Thandi is a pleasure to work with. The thoroughness of his preparation recently made the difference in a case where our client succeed against strong odds. Delphine Breese-Laughran, Barrister at One Pump Court

  • I had the pleasure of working with Rajan for 3 years. He is a reliable and hard-working solicitor with excellent client care skills. Whilst completing my training seat in family law, I found him to be approachable and very supportive as well as having a thorough grounding and understanding both of the law and the practical issues relevant which can arise in family cases. He will always do whatever he can to progress the case and further his client’s objectives in a sensitive and diligent manner. Sepideh Ghaffari, Solicitor

  • Rajan is very thorough in the preparation of his cases, he engages well with clients and inspires their confidence. He acts promptly on instructions, is unfazed by any complexity that arises in a given case and has a sound knowledge of Family Law. He is courteous and prompt in all his communications. Instructions to counsel are always well prepared, analytical and provided in good time before a hearing, invariably, with a successful outcome. Abida Huda, Barrister at One Pump Court

  • Rajan is very meticulous and thorough when handling his cases and provides excellent client care to each of his clients. He is knowledgeable in the areas of family law and Mental Health law and has particularly assisted me in preparing submissions for hearings. Mark Kaliisa, Trainee Solicitor

  • Very efficient service especially in our case. Very thorough and excellent. Would highly recommend to anyone and will use again if needed. Ms S, London

  • Mr Thandi is an excellent lawyer. Very knowledgable about family law and the court process, his advice and guidance was invaluable. Reasonable fees and I was aware what I was spending all the way through. Highly Recommended. Miss P, South London

  • Rajan supported me and my family. He kept me updated and represented in a professional way. I’m happy that I met him and his used his service. I recommend him to anyone. He will go all the way to help you. Mr E, London

  • Rajan Thandi was exceptionally attentive and professional throughout my difficult custody case. He kept me informed of any and every update that came in. I highly recommend him to anyone. Ms S M, London

  • Rajan Thandi has been a strong solicitor, firm and very reliable in my family matter and DV case. Rajan is flexible, professional and highly organised and prompt in returning calls, keeping me updated on my case and even genuinely concerned in the well-being of my children’s safety and working towards a healthy outcome for them. Would highly recommend his services. Superb at his job and the handling of perpetrators. Ms J W, South London

  • Rajan is a very diligent and hard working solicitor with a sound knowledge of all areas of family law and I had the pleasure of working with him for a number of years where I watched him progress from a trainee to a qualified solicitor. He is extremely competent and puts client care at the forefront of his mind when dealing with cases. I have no hesitation in recommending him as a family law solicitor. Alpa Ghelani, Solicitor at TV Edwards

  • I would like to say THANK YOU SO MUCH Southgate Soilcitors, Mr Hasan Hadi and Mr Rajan Thandi. Thank you for your guidance and support, for your patience and understanding, for your kindness and great work. Both of you helped me so much in this hard time, you handled the case so professionally. I highly recommend you, you can make people feel safe and secure, and with your great work everything will be fine at the end. Good luck and wish you all the best. Ms D, Southgate

  • I would highly recommend Southgate Solicitors to anyone who is looking for a solicitor to represent them in respect of family law. I met with Rajan Thandi for some advice on my children arrangement order and found him extremely knowledgeable, very understanding, easy to communicate with and above all he gave me a very clear and frank picture of everything. After my meeting with him, I knew exactly where I was standing and able to make appropriate decisions. Miss W

  • Rajan Thandi has been a strong Solicitor, firm and very reliable in my family matter and DV case. Rajan is flexible, professional and highly organised and prompt in returning calls, keeping me updated on my case and even genuinely concerned in the well-being of my children’s safety and working towards a healthy outcome for them. Would highly recommend his services. Superb at his job and the handling of perpetrators. Ms J W, Croydon

  • I feel warm. Rajan Thandi, You have Very efficient, intelligent and qualified knowledge for family matter. I really appreciate your perfect handwork. Thanks a million. Will 100% recommend your firm anytime any day. Ms I, London

  • About 6 months ago I was in desperate need for a solictor to represent me. The law firm that typically represented the women in my circumstance proferred that “no law firm (in the UK) would be able to get me legal aid.” So I approached Southgate Solicitors as that was the first one that came up from the list. I was running out of time as the first court hearing was literally weeks away. Rajan Thandi, my solictor, called me in 3 weeks to tell me that I was granted legal aid. So technically, Southgate solicitors can be rendered as the BEST law firm (in the UK). Also, my barrister, Delphine Breese-Laughran, was equally as supportive and meticulous. I highly recommend Southgate Solicitors to anyone who is looking for conscientious representation. Ms Hussain, North London

  • I had Rajan from Southgate Solicitors on my case in a last minute appointment before the hearing last year. It was so frustrating going through the divorce where the other party’s solicitor behaved extremely difficult and nasty, I can’t imagine how things could be without Rajan. I would like to say big thank you to Rajan for helping me through the darkest time in my life, really appreciated everything from you! Mr Y, North London

  • Excellent team! They are really friendly and helpful. Listening to the client and trying to find the best solution for it. I really recommend their service. K J, Central London

  • Rajan had a first meeting faith me today and he was very empathetic to my issue with an ongoing child arrangements dispute . He listened well without being patronising (some solicitors are) he was professional and listened to what I had to say. Rajan has laid out for me several paths on how I go forward with his support and given me many options with cost clearly shown upfront. Rajan today was worth his weight in gold and I’m feeling a lot more relaxed tonight knowing I have legal help. And legal help who actually wants to help me. Thank you D, Hertfordshire

  • I am very grateful to you and to Mr Hadi for your patience, understanding, constant support and help you have given me, for the hard work and professionalism. I apologise for the inconvenience but really appreciate everything you have done for us. Mrs A D, Southgate

  • Thank you so much for your help/everything, you’ve lightened up my darkest days, really appreciate that. C Y, London

  • Southgate Solicitors are professional, respectful, responsive and understanding. Mr Rajan and his team of barristers knows what they’re doing, highly competent and caring too. They made my life easy and dealt with all unexpected circumstances professionally. I am totally and 100% satisfied with the services they rendered and they’re also compassionate. Thank you Southgate Solicitors, and thank you Mr Rajan and his team, I really appreciate you for reuniting me with my son. On my son’s behalf, he says big THANK YOU. Mr Q O

  • It’s a relief to see that this got wrapped up smoothly. And it wouldn’t have been possible without your assistance. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support and advice. Wishing you too, all the best, S H, London

Chloë Rodway, recently promoted Associate Solicitor at Southgate Solicitors.

Chloë Rodway – Associate Solicitor & Mediator

  • When working with Chloë I had been blown away by her professionalism, knowledge and helpful attitude towards all of her work. Chloë helped me on a number of occasions including with my Will and Deed of Name Change. She made the whole experience quick and smooth from start to finish. I would not hesitate to recommend Chloë Rodway for any future legal advice and services. Ms C, London

  • Chloë is an outstanding solicitor with an eye for both the detail of her client’s case and the bigger strategic picture. She is excellent in both family finance and children cases, including those with an international element. She is tenacious in fighting for the best outcomes for her clients, while also giving sensible advice on the court’s likely approach. Gayan Samarasinghe, Barrister

  • Chloë handled our probate case so professionally from start to finish, included the legal oversight of the house sale and distribution of funds to beneficiaries. It was a complex Will and we will be forever grateful for her thoughtful, caring and professional handling of all matters. We would highly recommend using her for any legal needs you may have. Mr & Mrs W, North London

  • Chloë is lovely to work with, she always has a great relationship with lay clients and a firm grasp on all issues in the case. I know all of my briefs will be well-organised and easy to navigate whenever Chloë sends them! Madeleine Whelan, Barrister

  • Chloë and I have worked on private children and injunction briefs together over the last year. On each and every occasion the client has known exactly what to expect from the hearing and the shape of their case overall – this is solely due to Chloë’s diligence, excellent case management and client care. She is a delight to work for and I hope we will be able to do so again soon. Joanna Smith, Barrister

  • Thanks Chloë for all of your help with dealing with my case. You were a great support, making a tough task manageable. Mrs F, North London

  • I taught Chloë when she was studying law at University. She was a very dedicated and hardworking student and very personable. Since she completed her studies she has been very generous with her time getting involved in a number of employer events at the University Law School sharing her career path with our current students and giving them a lot of useful advice. Janet Barlow, Lecturer

  • When writing our wills for us Chloë was wonderful. She was patient, knowledgeable, efficient and very helpful. Mr & Mrs C, North London

  • Chloë and I worked together closely for over a year at Family Law Associates. It was an absolute pleasure to work alongside her and she would always go the extra mile for her clients. Chloë is extremely hard working, reliable and has a real passion for Family Law. I have always found her both honest and genuine in all her dealings with both colleagues and clients and cannot recommend her highly enough. Alana Baddoo, Barnet Council

  • Chloë is an incredibly knowledgeable, thoughtful and compassionate solicitor who has given me and my family expert advice. If you are looking for a family law expert, then look no further. Highly recommended. Ms C

Family law expert at southgate solicitors

Ceylan Kahya – Family Law Solicitor

  • 5 stars all round. Honestly, I don’t think there is any other improvement that I require as Ceylan was always listening to me attentively and would ensure I understood the next steps before taking action. I really loved to talk to her whenever I would see her calling because she was willing to help at all times. Thanks to Ceylan, my children and I have been given housing in a suitable location. We are very grateful for all the help from Ceylan Kahya BA, Essex

  • The service provided by Ceylan was 100%. Thank you for helping me to keep my home CG, SE London

  • I must praise Ceylan for her professional approach, perfect communication, countless relevant advices and patient guidance always. As a client I genuinely feel pampered. With Ceylan’s further help and reassurance, my fears are all gone and I know we are going to achieve the best possible outcome for my family. Boldly, I am looking forward to a successful conclusion of my matter LY, London

  • Ceylan was responsive, knowledgeable, and an absolute blessing to work with. Even when I know I was being difficult, Ceylan was always kind, caring, and collected. Ceylan also went above and beyond helping me with knowledge and guidance. After fighting an unprecedented 4 fabricated defences, we won unequivocally against all 4 KH, USA

  • Ms Ceylan Kahya went above and beyond her duties in my case, her attention to details, professionalisms, quality and speed at which she handled my case has been brilliant! I am ecstatic with the results TD, London

  • Your understanding about my case and the transcript of my statement correspond faithfully to what I experienced with the respondent. I would like to thank you again for the substantive work you have done as well as your wise advice MT, Belgium

  • Thank you so much for all your hard work. Everything happened so quickly MA, London

  • Thanks to my instructing solicitor for her considerable assistance throughout this difficult case in both preparation and attentiveness Jack Harrison, Deans Court Chambers

  • I needed a document witnessed by a solicitor. In the lead up to Christmas, it was difficult to find a solicitor to do this for me. I contacted Southgate solicitor and this was arranged promptly by Ceylan Kahya. Great service and hassle free. I would strongly recommend FA, North London

Family Law Solicitor

Andriana Evagora – Family Law Solicitor

  • From the very first time I spoke to Andriana Evagora, I knew I could completely trust that she would do everything she could to make the process as smooth and comfortable as she could for my boys and myself. She instantly made me feel comfortable and reassured that I had someone fighting in my corner. Andriana has been an amazing support and trusted advisor the whole way through. I am so grateful for her assistance. Andriana is very professional and good at what she does but also comes across as having a genuine want to help her clients in the best way possible.” Jo 
  • I received exceptional service from Southgate Solicitors, with Andriana Evagora as my solicitor. Her representation was nothing short of brilliant. She consistently delivered top-tier client care, addressing even the most minor queries with politeness and efficiency. Andriana’s exceptional qualities extend beyond her legal expertise; she demonstrated genuine compassion and consistently went above and beyond to ensure the best outcome. I have no doubt that Andriana is destined for a highly successful career. My heartfelt thanks for everything.” Leila
  • My utmost gratitude goes to Andriana … of Southgate solicitors who was my lawyer for my divorce process… Andriana is such a kind, compassionate and very professional lawyer who is so great at her job and would always reassure you of being in your corner constantly. She is one of a kind!
     Andriana …helped me through it all. She stood by me and give me the constant guide in making the best decisions. Your immense help and support can never be unnoticed, and I say a very big thank you for not getting tired of me even when I got emotional on some days. Thank you so so so much!!!! Amaka
  • I would like to thank Andriana, I highly recommend her, very helpful , professional and supportive Sofia 
  • Andriana is very organised and methodical, picking up new information quickly. She is a great team player and is sensitive to clients’ needs which is particularly important in Family Law – Ms L, Solicitor
  • Andriana is incredibly organised and dedicated with excellent attention to detail. She is hard-working, friendly and was an absolute pleasure to work with – Ms Mehmet
  • Thanks for your efficiency as usual Andriana – Mr V
  • Andriana is a pleasure to work with. She instructed me on a difficult private law children matter, and provided very good support and instructions to me as counsel, at the same time as providing an excellent service for our client. She is efficient and thorough. Her empathetic approach towards our client, providing him with the support that he needed, was balanced by her sound advice. – Victoria Green – Counsel at 1KBW
  • A meticulous solicitor who dealt with the task at hand in a very professional manner. I had no issues whatsoever and would recommend them at any given opportunity. 10/10 service. Richard
  • Had a wonderful experience, very courteous, helpful and all members were extremely professional going obove and beyond to provide the best service, highly recommended. Stelios
  • I had the pleasure in dealing with Andriana Evagora this morning. The service was excellent and all staff were welcoming and polite. Faith

Welcome Lucy Cornish our, newly appointed Solicitor at Southgate Solicitors.

Lucy Cornish – Family Law Solicitor

  • I have worked with Lucy for several years and on all occasions I have found her to be extremely professional, knowledgeable, and reliable. I would highly endorse Lucy as she is a valuable asset to any firm. Jerry Yanover – JYY Risk Consultancy (Managing Director)

  • Lucy has always been a pleasure to work with and has dealt with any family law enquiries I’ve had with efficiency and professionalism. I would highly recommend her. Will Stewart – Rathbone Family Mediation (FMCA Mediator & Professional Practice Consultant)

  • Lucy has always been a pleasure to work with. She is responsive and helpful, dealing with all matters in a friendly and professional manner. Our counsel enjoy working with Lucy and find her very approachable to deal with. We hope to continue this relationship in the future. Jess Street – 3PB Chambers (Practice Manager)

  • I had the privilege of seeing Lucy’s work first hand when I was providing Estate Planning services for a previous employer. Lucy was motivated, hard working and a pleasure to deal with. More importantly she really knows her stuff which gave me so much confidence in working with her. Ian Nicholson – Beaulieu Wills and Estate Planning (Owner)

  • I have worked with Lucy on a few matters, and she has always shown fantastic professionalism and determination to meet the needs of her clients. Shaun Burdett – Palmers Law (Licensed Conveyancer)

  • I had the pleasure of working with Lucy throughout her traineeship. She was an exceptional trainee with the rare ability to perfectly combine a high level of professionalism with a genuine compassion for her clients. Charlie Prendergast – Kayson Solicitors (Consultant Solicitor)

  • Having worked with Lucy on several settlement agreement matters, I have found her to be professional, responsive and friendly. I look forward to continuing to work with Lucy in the future. Grace Ferris – Bedrock HR (Senior HR Business Partner)

  • Lucy is not only very personable and a delight to work with, she works tirelessly and effectively with an encyclopaedic knowledge of all of her cases. Emma Harman (Barrister – 3PB)

  • I have worked with Lucy on numerous instructions on a wide variety of matters. I have always found Lucy to be highly professional, diligent and knowledgeable and somebody who goes out of her way to ensure client’s needs are well-served. I have always enjoyed working with Lucy and look forward to doing so in the further. Gary Donaldson (Barrister – Atlantic Chambers)

We're here to help you

Send your details to us and we will call you back to take further information about your matter, or you can click the number below.

We're here to help you

Send your details to us and we will call you back to take further information about your matter, or you can click the number below.